Welcome to Treasures for Piano, a project of the Piano Pedagogy Laboratory Program at the University of Michigan. This guide for piano teachers was the work of Ann Bader who took great care to research the various ways that teaching repertoire has been assigned levels. Ann has brought all of this important information together in one place in order to help teachers in their daily work. She has donated her original site,, to the University of Michigan so that the pedagogy program here would continue developing this guide and keep it available for use by piano teachers.

We are honored to have been selected to perpetuate Ann’s important mission. Marvin Blickenstaff's original endorsement of Ann’s work below eloquently describes the value of this internet teaching resource.

Prof. John Ellis, Director of Graduate Studies in Piano Pedagogy

Finding the right piece at the right time for our students is a dilemma facing piano teachers on a daily basis. After the student finishes an introductory method, we often feel lost in a sea of possible repertoire choices, and our selections may not fit the criterion of "right piece at the right time."

This comprehensive Guide has been compiled and carefully graded to assist us in our repertoire choices. The devotion to detail by the author, Ann Bader, is to our great benefit. Through the charts and lists she has graded pieces carefully and has notated all of the answers to our questions. Where can I find the piece? What are the technical challenges? Where can I find more repertoire at this level in 6/8, or with dotted rhythms, or with LH melodies? Is this book an "urtext" edition, or does it have editorial suggestions? Is there information about the composer?

Through this comprehensive project which has taken years to compile, Ann Bader, an outstanding teacher, shares with other piano teachers her knowledge of the repertoire and her desire to have students play the finest repertoire available-the right piece at the right time!

Marvin Blickenstaff

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